For patients with chronic or recurrent-acute-on-chronic rhinosinusitis that is resistant to medical therapy, surgical procedures can improve ventilation and drainage of the sinuses and allow for improved penetration of medication into the sinuses. The options for surgery include traditional endoscopic sinus surgery (done in the hospital operating room under a general anaesthetic) or in-office balloon sinuplasty (performed under a local anesthetic, or an in operating room with a general anesthetic). These procedures can be coupled with other procedures, such as polypectomy, ethmoidectomy and septoplasty with turbinate reduction procedures.

Balloon sinuplasty utilizes just that, a small balloon to dilate the sinus openings. Small guides are inserted into the sinus openings and then the balloon is advanced into the sinus and inflated. This allows the opening to be remodelled and enlarged.

The procedure can be done safely and effectively in the clinic setting using topical anesthetic and decongestant. Many patients return to work the next day and experience little or no pain after the procedure, with the majority of patients tolerating the procedure with minimal discomfort.

Balloon sinuplasty is an effective treatment for chronic rhinosinusitis and for patients with recurrent acute sinus infections. The procedure is minimally invasive and generally no tissue is removed (unless ethmoid surgery or nasal polyps are removed during the procedure). The procedure may be limited by a severe septal deviation (which require surgery in an operating room to perform), severe sinus disease or if a patient is not able to tolerate a procedure under a local anaesthetic. Sinuplasty is, also, not a cure for facial pain and/or pressure.


Balloon Sinus Dilation is not covered by Alberta Health and Wellness and is an out-of-pocket expense / private procedure. Please contact the office for price details. 

Information on Balloon Sinus Dilation