Please feel free to call the office when: 

1. You have reviewed the website and cannot find the answer you are looking for

2. You have recently had surgery and have the following symptoms:
- thick nasal discharge that is foul smelling
- heavy bleeding
- severe headaches that do not respond to pain medications
- nasal congestion that is not improving or worsening 

3. You have the symptoms of an acute sinus infection including: 
- presence of cold for more than 7 days and is not improving with saline rinses, decongestants and nasal steroid sprays
- thick and coloured nasal drainage
- significant nasal congestion
- pain in your upper teeth in the presence of a cold for more than 7 days

4. You are being treated by Dr. Mechor for nose bleeds and are experiencing recurrent or continued nose bleeds

5. You have any questions or concerns about your treatment plan


Have more questions than this? Contact us (current patients only please)

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